IB Survival Tips | How to Deal with the Workload

IB Survival Tips | How to Deal with the Workload

“More than 40 IB points? Like…how!?!”
Meet Valia Katsis. A down-to-earth former IB (and IGCSE) student of mine who got a phenomenal 41 (!) IB points. She proves that it CAN be done. You can have social and community skills, while still keeping up with all of your deadlines AND get top grades.

But what EXACTLY makes Valia super-special?

1) Can we talk about the fact that Valia had a ton of hobbies as an IB student? (check!)

2) Can we talk about the fact that she ALWAYS handed her homework and coursework in on time (I can vouch – 3 years Valia’s History teacher, and a year as her TOK teacher in 12th Grade. This is totally and 100% fact), no matter how many deadlines she had to manage on any given day? (check!)

3) Can we also talk about the fact that she got an amazing grand total of 41 IB points, while still making time for her hobbies (check!).

Or, more importantly, should I acknowledge her generosity of spirit and genuine interest in community development. When most successful IB Diploma graduates prefer to focus simply on their university studies and party in their holidays, Valia was more than happy to meet me in her free time to film this interview, designed to help future generations of IB students.

If you are an IB student who struggles with procrastination and time management, this is definitely an interview you woun’t want to miss.

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Ms Vardaki

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