HUMAN Training for Survival UNTIL the End of the World as We Know It!

HUMAN Training for Survival UNTIL the End of the World as We Know It!

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Human Training to Survive Until the End of the World

There are three calls:

There is a battle for your body/soul which we are understanding as the control of external forces on human systems

There is the field on which this battle falls coming into view as the end of the world as we knew it

There is the strategy we will choose for which we will face both battle and field

There are lots of way to say this same thing
more simply:

problem – 1
solution – 2
reaction – 3

because ideas without action have no victory
and all the power lies not in the idea, but the action taken to support it

which is where I am choosing to stand

not in the battle nor on the field
but in the point of power, the daily discipline true strategy requires

What strategy am i talking about?

How to access our full potential as human
How do we do that? Daily discipline and long term focus

why will some fail? moving the ideas into action, or not

moving from virtual life, into real life
beyond being stunned into submission
immobilized with fear
or dehumanized into a domesticated complacency

not training for a single event or an extreme experience
but human training to begin rebuilding the foundation of who we already are
at any time, at any age
only our commitment, vigilance, and dedication to the life we want
as we live on the brink of a world that is collapsing
searching for a bridge few will reach

but the bridge is not the goal
who we choose to be in that search is

Fully Human
Fully Alive
Fully Engaged
Fully Realized
Fully Man
Fully Woman
Fully Human

What are you doing every day for the rest of your life as we face the end of this world as we knew it….

music: Glory by Whitesand