How to Survive an Elevator Free Fall

How to Survive an Elevator Free Fall

Many of us are afraid of getting stuck in an elevator, it’s an especially scary situation for people with claustrophobia. To stay calm and safe in an emergency situation like this, there are some simple safety rules or lifehacks that are serious DOs and DON’Ts to be aware of.
If you start freaking out, you can experience oxygen deficiency since elevators aren’t exactly well-ventilated. You certainly don’t want that, so try your best to breathe normally. Don’t do anything stupid, like jumping up and down, because it won’t magically kick-start the elevator into working again. In fact, it’ll only affect the car’s stabilizer system and make it more difficult for you to get out safely.
Nowadays almost every smartphone comes equipped with a built-in flashlight, and most of us have our phone on us at all times. If you have a flashlight keychain, that’s pretty useful too. Light may calm down the sense of panic and help you navigate better since it’ll at least help you see the buttons.
As you’re waiting for help, try thinking of a list of things you need to do or how to rework your schedule to fit in this minor setback. If you still can’t distract yourself and can’t help but feel scared and hysterical, try a little meditation. Just breathe in, clear your mind, and try to relax as much as you can.
Try the “open door” button. And if they won’t budge after that, hit the “stop” button. If it’s stuck, pull it out and press it again.
If you happen to find yourself in a free-falling elevator, there’s hope, too. A great idea is to cover your face with your arms. You see, when the elevator hits the bottom of the shaft, it’s very likely to break into pieces. So protecting your face from falling debris can ensure the absence of any possible injuries.

Don’t Change A Thing – Silent Partner
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Stay calm 0:42
Call for help 1:33
Find a light source 2:04
Call the building’s reception desk or 911 2:50
Be patient 3:34
Try pushing the buttons 4:40
Make an escape plan 5:19
How to escape from a free-falling elevator? 6:03

-Your instinct to panic won’t help you at all and will only waste valuable time.
-In case the electricity is out and you can’t push the call for help button try to let other people know you’re stuck by making as much noise as possible.
-If the electricity isn’t working, try to find a light source: it may calm down the sense of panic and help you navigate better since it’ll at least help you see the buttons.
-Most elevators have the local emergency number printed on the wall or on the button panel, but it’s still good to have it in your phone just in case.
-The busier you make yourself, the faster time will pass until help comes to your rescue.
-Don’t keep pushing the button of the floor you were trying to get to. Instead, try pressing the button of the floor you’re stuck at.
-If you’re stuck at a level with a floor, try forcing the doors open and re-check the position of the cabin. Then, pull the interlock holding the shaft doors closed and pry them open.
-In case you’re stuck in a free-falling elevator, be sure to lay on your back as opposed to your stomach. This position helps distribute the force of impact across your entire body.

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