How to SURVIVE an Alien Invasion

How to SURVIVE an Alien Invasion

Many of us might consider raiding area 51 and unleashing the aliens who live within. However, this might turn out to be a horrible idea and there might be a good reason why they’re keeping the aliens captive. Stephen Hawking once said that if aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which definitely didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans. Maybe we shouldn’t try to contact aliens and try to remain hidden in our universe. But just in case they do, American Eye is here to tell you, How to survive an alien invasion!

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5.Save The Women and Children
While the men during this period of time will likely have to face the challenge of going up against a mysterious, unknown foe, it’s going to seem like women and children will have to be saved in order for the human race to live on. While it might only take just a handfull of dedicated men to repopulate the earth, women will have to go through the 9 month burden of pregnancy which will certainly make them in demand. Bringing only one woman to a planet with the goal of increasing the population would be a critical error. In order to make sure the species survives for future generations, more women will be needed especially since they can look over the children while the men are fighting. Other technological developments that might help this process even further would be what’s known as an artificial womb. It kinda looks like a large plastic bag with some pipes and some tubes

4. S-400 Missile System
If one thing is clear about an impending alien invasion, it’s that they will be coming from the air, this gives us an advantage when it comes to defending our planet. We’ve already spent decades creating the best anti aircraft equipment possible and the russians have some of the best stuff. Conventional missiles are still the best way to go or we’ll risk having too much nuclear fallout in our atmosphere, which would doom our existence. The system that Russia has developed since the 1990’s and was developed to defend themselves from airstrikes. Many of these enormous missiles have been on display by Russia during their military parades including the S-400 Triumf Launch System which is a mobile surface to air missile. Many of these missiles are heat seeking or active with a radar homing head. Most of these vehicles carry about 4 missiles which are all quite lethal and deadly upon contact. They can seek and hunt down practically any flying object and have a range of 250 miles! It has the accuracy of being able to shoot down a soccer ball moving at supersonic speeds. The key advantage to the S-400’s is that they are mobile and can set up prime anti aircraft strongholds just about anywhere on land. If the Russians decide to help us get our technology up to par, we just have to hope that the aircraft we’re aiming at can’t move out of the way too quickly

3.Time to Start Cloning
Before in the past, it was much more controversial to even consider the possibility of human cloning! But as the human population begins to dwindle from the theoretical alien invasion, it starts to seem like the only choice we have. All the DNA that’s been gathered from DNA ancestry tests can now be put to good use and we can rebuild our population to be stronger than ever before. Genes from only the toughest and strongest people, who lack hereditary diseases will be worth the time to clone a human. Certainly, there will be a few mistakes but ethics are no longer an issue at this point. Soldiers will need to be produced one way or another in order to protect planet earth. Perhaps DNA captured from aliens, can be used to improve the human species once and for all. It’s going to be a battle of the strongest, the most intelligent and the most dedicated. Does the human species have what it takes to come out on top.

2.Weather Control
If we know aliens are coming from the sky, we need to be able to find a way to control it by any means possible. The government has been researching for quite some time now how to control the weather and if we manage to usher in another ice age, it’s possible the aliens won’t be able to maneuver their spacecraft through harsh conditions. They may not want anything to do with our planet, if it’s covered in snow. While it might sound like a drastic plan to go with, humans have survived through the ice age before, and we can certainly do it again. One way to trigger an ice age would be get a super volcano to go off. The year of 1816 wa s also known as the year without a summer due to the abnormal global temperatures after the volcanic eruption of Mt Tambora in the Dutch East indies. Species of aliens such as the reptilians, might not be able to handle extremely cold temperatures which could cause them to go into a coma. Ushering in another ice age might also come from too many nukes being set off but so we’d have to be careful about using this technology against them.