How to Survive a Nuclear War! Skills we must have!

How to Survive a Nuclear War! Skills we must have!

This is a video discussing what may happen if there is an all out nuclear war. First, this video is based on a scenario in which ALL countries were hit equally and ALL targets were hit by their respective weapons. The facts and figures discussed here are somewhat hypothetical as no one truly knows what will happen.
But, this is based on predictable models, computer software and scientific research throughout the world, with links below.
I gather the data and analyse as accurately as possible, but nonetheless there are multiple theories that all yield different results.
This is the best compilation and determination of most of them.
Although some believe this event would not be survivable, science states ottherwise. There are simply not enough weapons in the world to actually destroy the earth. The known nuclear weapons, if all detonated simultaneously, would not cover the surface area of the earth. Only about 60% of it. The fallout would pose a significant threat, but nuclear fallout will precipitate and nuclear winter will subside. Leaving the very few survivors in a new and somewhat hostile world.
Links to Resources listed at the bottom of this description.

Survival Skills:

Self defense and defense tactics:

Building Medical Kits:

Bug Out Bags:

Surviving in the wilderness:

Securing you Location:

The goal is to have a library , once it is complete.

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Thanks for watching. Take what you can and leave the rest.
Thanks, Serious Survivor.