How to Meet Women 2019 (A Survival Guide To Dating Crazy Women)

How to Meet Women 2019 (A Survival Guide To Dating Crazy Women)

This episode of the DappChap show was put together for a number of reasons.

Let’s start with the Digital Age reason.

You know…the age of social media that sees people hold nothing in value.

Any commitment can be broken, no date is safe from texts, pings and notifications – holding down her attention has never been harder.

Alright, that’s what makes dating different from the way it was done in your dad’s day.

Then there are the things that never change.

Like the types that will continue to exist from one generation to the next.

There are certain characters flaws that will plague chaps as they navigate the seas of companionship.

Some of these flaws include outright insanity, delusions of grandeur, dreary desperation and American Psycho-esque detachment from reality and other humans.

Yep, chaps, it’s a veritable minefield out there and you can either be a willing victim or you can take the lead and set the rules of the game.

This video is NOT a pick up guide. It’s not meant to dispense any kind of PUA training.

Simply put – it’s a survival guide that’ll allow you to avoid the dangerous dames, the clingers and all others who are an impediment to your happiness.

By avoiding these types, you’ll be doing infinitely better for yourself.