How To Make the "True Survival" Paracord Bracelet (Tutorial) by The Cord Kid

How To Make the "True Survival" Paracord Bracelet (Tutorial) by The Cord Kid

See how the quick deployment of this style bracelet work in the short 59 second video below! It doesn’t actually take 59 seconds.

This video tutorial shows you just how easy it is to make a 550 paracord survival bracelet, using the versatile Blaze Bar knot. I also reveal useful tips along that way, which I have learned over the past few years while making many hundreds of bracelets.

How is this Blaze Bar weave better than the traditional Cobra survival bracelet that you see all over the place?
1. It requires more cord to make, so you have more at your disposal.
2. If made correctly, it can be taken apart in seconds! Rather than the minutes it takes to unravel a cobra weave.

You can add a ton of things to a paracord bracelet to make it more of a “Survival” tool. Can opener, ferro rod (fire starter), fish hooks, metal cutting cable, emergency whistle, compass.. it’s endless. But the main tool of the bracelet is parachute cord, or Paracord. So we’re getting back to the basics of the weaving in this video. Yes, adding a little style at the end with the skull beads. How can we not?


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