How to Make a Hot Water Shower While Camping

How to Make a Hot Water Shower While Camping

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One of the greatest pleasures of returning home from a camping trip is taking a hot shower. So, why wait? Build a shower to take on your camping trip.

Step 1: Purchase a sprayer
Purchase a compressed-air sprayer from a lawn and garden supply vendor. Choose a 1- or 2-gallon model with a spray hose that extends several feet and a wand that is a couple of feet long.

Do not use a sprayer that has been used to apply lawn or garden chemicals.

Step 2: Extend the hose length
Extend the length of the spray hose by replacing the original hose with a length of flexible rubber medical tubing. Leave an inch of the original hose connected to the bottle and the wand, and then secure the rubber tubing to the ends with heavy-duty rubber bands or duct tape.

Step 3: Fill the bottle
Fill the compressed-air bottle with water, and then transfer the water to a large plastic bag. Place a second plastic bag around the first bag.

Step 4: Hang the bags
Use the rope and clips to hang the bags from a tree in a warm, sunny location during the day. The water will make the water warm, but not hot, in several hours.

Step 5: Heat the water in a large cooking vessel
Heat the water in a large cooking vessel over a stove or fire if you want hotter water. Transfer the heated water to the compressed air bottle, making sure it is a suitable temperature for your shower. Then lather up.

Did You Know?
Ancient Egyptians took indoor showers by having their servants pour hot water over them.