How to Make a Gas Mask from a Coke Bottle: Man Hacks

How to Make a Gas Mask from a Coke Bottle: Man Hacks

We have proof that it works.
What You’ll Need: 2-liter Coke bottle, Exacto knife or box cutter, duct tape, Sharpie, scissors, activated charcoal, cotton rounds, empty soda can (size of a RedBull or KillCliff), cord

Directions: Cut off the bottom of the bottle, and outline the face hole with the Sharpie. Cut out face hole and tape open edges with duct tape. Poke holes in the bottom of the can with the knife. Cut off bottom half of the can and discard top. Place cotton rounds in the can. Pour activated charcoal on top, and put in two more cotton rounds. Remove the lid from the bottle and place it in the can. Duct tape the hell out of it. Using the knife, poke a hole on either side and attach the cord. Put it on your face and breathe.
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