How To Build An Urban Survival Kit

How To Build An Urban Survival Kit

urban survival kit
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Learn how to complete and build an urban survival kit and increase your chances of survival whatever disaster comes your way!

Urban Survival Tip #1. Take Time to Build an Urban Survival Kit.
When you hear the words “survival situation,” what springs to mind? For most people, they immediately imagine some kind of emergency in the great outdoors: lost in the woods, or perhaps a camping trip gone wrong.

Survival kits typically reflect this public fascination with wilderness survival. This was true even as far back as 1986 when John Wiseman released “The SAS Survival Handbook” – the book often credited with popularizing the idea of a survival kit. Wiseman’s readers were encouraged to stock up on fishing hooks, how to track animals and general campsite craft.

But here’s the problem, none of this is useful to the average person living in an urban environment. watch on to find out how you can be prepared for any disastrous event in an urban setting.

Urban Survival Tip #2. Preparing for Urban Survival.
That’s not to say wilderness survival doesn’t have its place (of course, it does). However, the reality today is that 54 percent of the world’s population live in cities. In the United States, that figure is 80 percent. If you’re reading this, you’re probably doing so from a city. If you live in a city, that means that if disaster strikes, you’ll probably be (you guessed it) in a city.

Moreover, an urban disaster isn’t quite as unlikely as you might think. Over 2017, we’ve seen hurricanes Irma and Harvey batter the east coast, while California’s wildfires roast the west. In between, N O A A recorded nearly 1,400 tornadoes nationwide in 2017, while Homeland Security says state governors have issued 140 emergency declarations across the country in the past year.

Disasters happen, and it pays to be prepared. And not just prepared, but prepared to survive in your own environment. You probably don’t need bear spray in Kansas and can likely survive in Montana without a mosquito repellent. Likewise, an urban survival kit is very different from the so-called conventional wilderness kits of pop culture.

Urban Survival Tip #3. No Size Fits All.
Here, we’re going to look at the basics of how to construct your own urban survival kit. However, bear in mind this isn’t a cookie-cutter IKEA instruction manual. If your finished product comes out looking slightly different, then that means you’ve done something right.

Just like with wilderness survival, an urban kit should be tailor-made to your specific needs and circumstances. Do what works for you. Having said that, for now, we’re going to try to stay as focused as possible on the essentials. Think of this as a base from which you might add or subtract items depending on your situation.

Urban Survival Tip #4. Complete Your Urban Survival Kit Checklist.
An urban survival kit is a must with all kinds of natural and man-made emergencies which could inevitably occur near you. This urban survival guide, along with an urban survival essentials checklist, will help. Now, let’s get into it. Here are the 12 basic items you’ll need to make a simple urban survival kit, listed vaguely in order of importance.

1. Urban Survival Backpack.
2. Flashlight.
3. Money.
4. First Aid Kit.
5. Folding Knife.
6. Lighter.
7. Watch.
8. Notepad and Pen.
9. Radio.
10. Food and Water.
11. Phone.

Perhaps we can never stress enough how important an urban survival kit is. It can mean the difference for your survival and demise in an urban setting. Continue adding items you deem essential for urban survival as you go along building your urban survival kit. Pretty soon, you’ll build your ultimate survival kit bug out bag in time for a survival scenario! That’s it for this video. Please leave a like and Subscribe to my channel to get notified whenever there is a new video

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