How To Build A Cabin In The Woods Pt 2 (Survival Winter Tips)

How To Build A Cabin In The Woods Pt 2 (Survival Winter Tips)

Welcome to The North Maine Woods. Join me for a common sense approach to woodsmen skills & long forgotten tricks and tips of the old woodsmen. Many things that will help you to survive in the great outdoors. Bushcraft skills for beginners and seasoned sportsmen. Deer hunting tips, fishing, scouting, and hiking tips of the trade. Real prepping skills. Off the grid common sense living skills. Easy old school woodsmen tricks and tips for winter survival situations.

Tag along and sit with me by the fire. I will show you common sense ways to make shelters, gather wood, & where to find and how to use wild tinders for easy survival winter fires. With and without flint & steel, matches, lighters, ferro rods, charred punk wood, fire roll, etc. Too many winter survival tips to list here. I will see you in the videos. Leave a comment, I will get back to you.

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