Hiking Survival Tools – The Gear you need on your Hiking Trip for Survival

Hiking Survival Tools –  The Gear you need on your Hiking Trip for Survival

Equip yourself with the right hiking survival tools before your trip for peace of mind and emergency preparedness!

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Are you going on a hiking trip and don’t want to forget anything essentials? Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need!
First, obviously, food and water. Even if you bring along any other meals, you definitely should have some energy-rich bars in your backpack. They should be easy to open and ready to eat, and ideally with over 400 calories each. For water, an insulated bottle is best when it’s either hot or cold. An empty, folded hydration bladder is also a good idea to bring along, so you have more to fill up in case you need to stay out longer.
If you don’t already have a tent with you, bring a space blanket. They can save your life in you get caught in a storm. Also, bring at least an extra water- and windproof jacket. If the weather turns bad, one extra layer can make a huge difference.
Even in the 21st century, bringing a map and compass is a must. You need to be able to navigate even without your phone. Check out your route before the trip and mark it on the map if you’re not used to navigating old-school.
Also, never go hiking without some basic survival gear: You should bring pocket-sized waterproof fire-starters and a knife. There’s some great gear available for free in the description if you don’t already have some. You should also never travel without a flashlight, a basic first aid kit, a knife and/or multitool, and a simple paracord. Having these will be life or death if anything goes wrong.