Hand drill fire by Marco Priori – RedFox Survival & Tracking EN

Hand drill fire by Marco Priori – RedFox Survival & Tracking EN

Marco Priori (RedFox) is the head of RedFox – Adventure School, Survival & Tracking.

He organizes specialized courses in Italy and abroad.

He is an expert instructor and a coordinator of F.I.S.S.S. (Italian Federation of Experimental Survival) for the Northern Lazio, Umbria, and the Marche regions.

He has been associated with CAI (Italian Alpine Club) for several years now and with them he frequently organizes class to teach survival for hikers.

He has traveled across Europe, Africa, and North America working together with numerous native tribes to learn and develop an understanding of survival techniques in different natural environments.

He graduated from the Department of Geological and Natural Sciences at La Sapienza of Rome, Italy and later became a PhD in Environmental Engineering at the University Tor Vergata.

His work has been in Ethology and he has been part of the task force created to manage the wolf population in the Province of Rome.

He is an expert tracker and is the designated national individual of referance for the special tracking sector of F.I.S.S.S. He is skilled in canoeing from his training in the Northern ‘out-back’ of Canada.

And he has attended an in-depth training course with the Italian Red Cross to help prepare him for first aid training in survival situations.

Today Marco runs the Red Fox Survival School in Leonessa, Italy and works to train, teach, and instruct the best in modern day survival techniques and experiences.

Booking Courses: m.priori@redfoxsurvival.com – ww.redfoxsurvival.com – Ph. (+39) 3317772008

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