GIANT LOBSTER Catch and Cook! | 100% WILD Food SURVIVAL Challenge

GIANT LOBSTER Catch and Cook! | 100% WILD Food SURVIVAL Challenge

In episode 3 of this survival series we finally get to check our lobster traps which we set off the shores of Maine 2 day previous. The goal of the challenge is to maintain our body weight through foraging wild foods only.

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We also are looking for other wild foods like turkey as it is the spring season. We do manage to get a red squirrel in a catch and cook which we add to our smoked fish.

The goal is to replace any calories we burn foraging for wild foods in order to balance our energy expenditures as modern foragers.

We bait our lobster traps with alewife or river herring which we dip netted the day before. This is all about survival and eating the foods that we can easily forage and scavenge from wild sources. We are really trying to balance our calories eating only wild edibles.

We will show you how to cook and clean the clams and eat the stomach. We will remove the skin and also purge and wash the clams and boil in water.

Malcolm makes a dandelion wild spinach boiled green.

The Wilderness Living Challenge is not a “survival challenge,” but more like a test of the modern hunter gatherer to sustain himself on wild foods only. We will weight ourselves at the start of the challenge and weight out at the end. If we lose any weight at all, we lose the challenge!

Follow along as we struggle to get wild foods!

I am joined by Zach Fowler on his home turf in Maine, USA in the spring.

Here, we plan to do Season 5 of The Wilderness Living Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to gain or maintain our body weight eating only the wild food we can collect on site using whatever means necessary.

Winning the Wilderness Living Challenge is harder than it seems.

Season 5: Maine Spring, takes place in Maine, USA with coastal food priorities including fish, clams, crab, seaweed, groundhog, pigeon, turkey, dandelion, cattail, and whatever else is edible! Nothing is off the menu, if it’s edible, we’ll eat it.

We make use of all the resources in this challenge to meet the demands for calories imposed by the human body!


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