FLYING IN SURVIVAL?! – Minecraft 1.9 News! – Minecraft Combat Update – Elytra & New Boats

FLYING IN SURVIVAL?! – Minecraft 1.9 News! – Minecraft Combat Update – Elytra & New Boats

Recent news about the Minecraft 1.9 News Update has been revealed recently! Jeb had a series of tweets talking about a new feature which allows us to fly, or glide, in Minecraft! The Minecraft Elytra is the newest announcement for Minecraft 1.9! Also, the Minecraft boats have been updated! They are now similar to the current Minecraft: Pocket Edition boats! Boats have been fixed! This is a small review of the newest Minecraft snapshot: 15w41b! If this video was helpful in any way, please consider leaving a like and commenting with the comment of the day (check the bottom of the description!)

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Here with Minecraft News, I provide some new exciting news of the upcoming Minecraft 1.9 Update! Recently, we learned of new arrows, shields, the new end, the new ender dragon fight, blocks, left hands, and shulkers in Minecraft 1.9. Today, we learn of a new feature that will allow us to fly or glide in Minecraft survival mode! This new feature is called an Elytra! It is a glider or wings in Minecraft that allow you to glide through your Minecraft world! This elytra can be found in The new End Dimension. It can be found in End Cities, specifically one can be found in the End Ship. Also, we learned of some new changes to boats! Boats have been fixed! You can use a shovel and wood to create a new boat! The boats can hold animals and use paddles to move! There is a whole new boat mechanic for Minecraft 1.9! Both the elytra and the boat fix has been added in the newest Minecraft 1.9 snapshot called: 15w41b! We’ll have to wait and see but it will sure be interesting to see what Mojang comes up with in their next Minecraft snapshots and updates!

From the Minecraft Wiki:
“Elytra are equipped in the chestplate slot. Looking upwards while gliding temporarily halts falling, however doing this for too long stalls the player (indicated by the player moving their limbs). Landing or taking damage while elytra are equipped deals one point of durability damage. Elytra have 433 durability, however this can be increased by enchanting it with the Unbreaking enchantment using an anvil. You will not take fall damage while the elytra is equipped unless you nose-dive (Look straight down in mid air) and then you will take the fall damage the distance you nose-dived. To initiate flying the player must jump of a ledge of some sorts and hold the Jump Key(Spacebar).”

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