Fire Escape Kit Essential Survival Gear For All Ages

Fire Escape Kit Essential Survival Gear For All Ages

Save your life in a fire or smoke emergency The Fire Escape Mask Kit from Go Time Gear can save your life. Each year there are 1.2 million fires , 3,200 deaths, 16,000 injuries. The Fire Escape Mask Kit includes a 60 minute smoke and gas emergency escape hood oxygen mask, sturdy gloves, emergency blanket to shield you from heat, and a glow stick for fire safety at home. The Fire Escape Kit full face mask provides 60 minutes of fresh air, allowing you to safely breathe and escape from the smoke, heat, and flames of a fire. Prepare to survive any crisis.
Children and the elderly are most likely to be injured in a fire, and suffer devastating injuries. A Fire Escape Kit from Go Time Gear is a simple to use and effective fire escape kit. It is simple enough for a child to use, allowing time to breathe fresh air, and protect yourself from heat and debris of a fire with the reflective emergency blanket and sturdy gloves. A glow stick allows you to look into the kit in the dark and see the components of the Fire Escape Kit, helps light your escape route, and even acts as a beacon to aid emergency workers in your rescue. The Fire Escape Kit is simple to use, effective, and affordable for every family member. Use it as a smoke escape hood, fire escape mask If you live or work in a multilevel home or office, the Fire Escape Kit gives you 60 minutes of clean breathable air to make your way to safety and protect yourself from fire and heat. Fire safety at home



Fire Escape Kit
Fire Escape Mask Hood
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