Fallout 4 Live Stream Survival Mode, 1440p 60fps, Part 47: Tips & Tricks You Can Use in Fallout 76

Fallout 4 Live Stream Survival Mode, 1440p 60fps, Part 47: Tips & Tricks You Can Use in Fallout 76

Hello every Minutewoman and Minuteman boddyyy!! (That’s just what a synth would say!) This is my Fallout 4 Slowwww Burn series, where I stream the character for THREE years, exploring every single thing in the Commonwealth + DLCs and completing every quest. The audience makes all major decisions, including perk selection during level-ups!

Now we’re in the Institute, and we just met Father, who turns out to be my son, so I’m the father of Father, son of father. Anyway, let’s explore the Heisenberg Institute and find out what kind of evil FEV experiments they’ve been conducting there.

Current Questlines:
1. Synth Retention (Main Quest, Institute quest)
2. Boston After Dark (Railroad quest)

Here’s the entire Fallout 4 Slow Burn Playlist with “Daniel” in survival mode:
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2. We shall act respectful of each other, even in a disagreement.
3. We shall be extra polite to my moderators and thank them. They keep my channel alive!
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9. We shall allow “raiding” parties in the chat room, but we shall insta-perma-banhammer any raider that breaks any of the above code.


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