Fallout 4 – IMI .50AE Desert Eagle Created by Nova

Fallout 4 – IMI .50AE Desert Eagle Created by Nova

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The Desert Eagle, for when sheer firepower is more important than practicality.

 There are 3 uniques:
- ‘Yuri’ located on a table at Gorski Cabin.
- ‘Night Hawk’ located just inside the Boston Mayoral Shelter.
- ‘Opposing Force’ located at the Railroad HQ (turning the railroad into Doc Mitchell’s one mod at a time)
There are 4 ways of getting the weapon:
 - Crafting at a Chem Lab
– Looting off the occasional gunner or in gun vendors.
 - Finding one of the uniques mentioned above.
 - Console commands (“help Desert 4 WEAP” will give you the correct ID) or In-Game ESP Explorer

LINK to this awesome mod created by Nova:

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