Escape and Evade Mountain Military and Tactical Survival Kit (VCM).mpg

Escape and Evade Mountain Military and Tactical Survival Kit (VCM).mpg

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The Escape & Evade Mountain Military Survival Kit (VCM) is designed for both military and civilian personnel, with the survival and medical concerns of the mountain warrior, or any person operating in cold climates. At the center of the survival kit is the Blizzard Survival Jacket: a triple cell layered core insulator that also grants insulating head cover, and also covers the arms for wind and rain protection. Extra long fit means that the individual can retain body heat from the majority of the body area. The jacket is wind and waterproof, and while small and compact, it expands to open the ReflexCell material to trap air for maximum heat retention. Fire building, signaling, water collection and purification, navigation, and many survival tools compose the kit. A GRIP-S survival tool is also included, which allows the user to incorporate other tools, such as a SAWZALL blade, into the kit, for maximum survival tool use. Fire building is an essential component of cold weather survival, and can be done tactically by using certain methods, such as a Dakota hole. The GRIP-S Survival Tool is included in this kit to provide the best compact wire saw to make this task easier, with its sure grip handles and 28 inch length, it makes quick work of wood for fire and shelter building. The medical components allow for treatment of traumatic wounds, and for creating splints for injured limbs; a typical mountain injury.

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