Emergency First Aid Kit

Emergency First Aid Kit

Hi Everybody, MrEnergyCzar here. This video is reviewing the START II emergency kit.

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• I have not added anything to it. You can hang it up on the back of a door. It does come with a lot of stuff here. We’ll start up at the top here. See what we have real quick.

• Stethoscope and surgical gloves. A lot of gauze, bandages and alcohol wipes. Lip balm and tape. Eye patches. Some wire splints. Insect sting wipes. Some pain killers. Obviously bandages. Antibiotics. Sunscreen. Even Ammonia inhalants.

• Some mints I guess if you have diabetes or are dehydrated. More bandages. I like these instant cold ice packs. You shake them up and they activate. There are also a few down in the big pockets that we’ll get to.

• More bandages. This is a thermometer which is always good. More gauze. A whistle. Some Ace bandages. Tweezers. A couple of survival blankets. These are always good to have in your car as well.

• More bandages. Way down here some pretty big deep pockets. This is a CPR valve. Something else you should probably have in your car in case you come upon a car accident. These are huge blood stopping gauze pads in here.

• You can definitely add some more stuff in any of these pockets here. This last big pocket has both more of the instant cold packs. These are for if you have severe burns.
Third degree burns, you use these dressing pads here. It even has stuff if you get sunburn and things like that.

• Obviously, you could search around, buy everything individually, try and replicate something like this, probably could save some money. This is a pretty decent kit I’ve had smaller safety kits in the past that didn’t have half as much. Tell me what you think. Thanks for watching.

Produced by: Dustin Salmons