Dollar Store Survival Gear ~ Some Awesome Finds

Dollar Store Survival Gear ~ Some Awesome Finds

I found some pretty cool survival gear at the local dollar store. This is all very good stuff and a good addition to any survival Bug out Bag.

One of the best surprises was the finger splints. A dollar for such an important first aid device is a great find.

I have some cool survival neck lanyards made of 550 cord and with a clip on the end. These are great for holding your compass or survival whistle around your neck. I would tie a knot in the end though and not trust the plastic fastener. Although it seems strong, I would not risk losing any gear that way.

I got a collapsible plastic cup just to try it out. It folds up small and has a pill box built in. This is a very small cup but it beats having none at all and it packs small in your bug out bag.

Some really cool waterproof cell phone cases which would make perfect id pouches or hold small bits of gear such as your tinder and fire making materials. For a dollar you just cant beat these.

I have some zippered pouches which are good for compartmentalizing your survival gear on your Bug out Bag. I believe in having everything compartmentalized for easy location and to keep your gear in place. When stopping for a break on the run it is best to keep as much gear in your bag as possible in case you have to run away fast.

The tiny zip lock bags are good for keeping small items dry. Matches and dryer lint are a good example.

A cool find is a pack of tiny tooth brushes. There are 60 of these tiny little tooth brushes with a tooth pick on one end and some bristles on the other. These are perfect for a bug out situation because they do not take up much space at all.

Another nice find is a replacement web gear clamp. This is the type you find on backpack waist or shoulder straps for quick connect and disconnect.

The dollar stores can provide you with some decent survival gear. Not everything has to be of top quality and high price in order to save your life.

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