Day R Survival – Gameplay Trailer Android / iPhone

Day R Survival – Gameplay Trailer Android / iPhone

Surviving in the post-nuclear Soviet Union – conquer hunger, disease and enemies! Also online!
– Hardcore survival:
hunger, radiation, thirst, injury, illness will not let you relax.
– Living World:
Changing seasons, monsters, a huge map of the USSR with more than 2,500 unique cities to survive.
– Weight capacity:
Hundreds of craft, dozens of quests, plenty of weapons, armor, allies, survival.
– Bleeding:
Mechanics, medicine, chemistry, driving, cooking, firearms, explosives, survival and much more!
– Co-op:
Online with chat, assumptions and joint fights for survival.
War never changes. In 1985 the Soviet Union fell under the onslaught of the unknown enemy. In a few days the whole country into a radioactive wasteland – now here reign of violence, hunger and disease. Terrible monsters, mutants roam the ruins of the Soviet cities and looking for someone to satisfy his hunger. The brutality of the survivors do not know the limit – found equipped weapons, the bandits attack the sedentary population, robbing them, killing and rape.
The reasons for the war are unknown and no one now is not interested – survivors, zombies, are motivated only by hunger and hatred.
You – a survivor. Your destiny and your survival is in your hands. There is no one to help in your battle with the radioactive wasteland, wild beasts, hunger and crazy people. You’re looking for answers to questions that no one cares, but that influence – whether humanity will survive or be subjected to final extinction. The fight against disease, hunger, and the enemies will require you to develop your skills, improve the craft, medicine, driving, survival skills, fishing and cooking desert, to perform tasks on quests.
Get ready for a truly hardcore – survival in a post-apocalyptic post-nuclear Soviet Union more difficult than it seems. It will be a real challenge, even in sandbox mode. These masters can experience hardcore, surviving in the “As in life.”
When you stop, like zombies, play in the race with death, the other survivors will be waiting for you in co-op – Online mode allows you to survive together in the face of difficult challenges when chatting and sending each other parcels.


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