Cute and Messy Double Buns | Summer Survival Series

Cute and Messy Double Buns | Summer Survival Series

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Embrace the summer with this adorable hairstyle!

The double buns or double top knots are perfect for hot summer days! It works great for curly hair and it’s best on second or third day hair because it has more texture. It’s a perfect hairstyle for long hair, but it’s also a perfect look for short hair or average length hair with the help of hair extensions

This youthful hairstyle is a variation of the messy bun style. It’s a comfortable style that is easy to do and it looks fun and you can wear your hair up all day. With this cute updo you get lots of volume – all the beauty and none of the discomfort of having long thick hair.

It looks great one everyone, so feel free to try it if you have long hair or short hair (you can use extensions and if you clip them in right no one will be able to tell you’re wearing extensions), if you have thick hair or thin hair (in this case too the hairextensions can be useful), if you have straight hair you can braid it the night before or you can curl it with a curling wand or if you have naturally curly hair. It’s perfect for blunt cuts, layered cuts and it even works great if you have bangs.

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