Colorado Mountain Man Survival Traps and Snares

Colorado Mountain Man Survival Traps and Snares

Colorado Mountain Man Survival – Traps and Snares

How to make a Toggle Release Snare Trap and a Figure 4 Deadfall trap.
Everyone will build these types of traps slightly different. This is the way I do it.
Toggle Release Snare Trap is at 16:06 if you wish to skip ahead.

The Figure 4 Deadfall I built large so you can easily see what I am doing. You can use smaller wood for smaller prey. I would recommend cutting down the back end of the trigger, which I did not discuss in this video.

The Toggle Snare Trap, for best results, you will have to adjust the rope so that it will hoist your catch up of the ground. Also trim any excess rope that you do not need, which I did not do in this video. I used a lightweight cable (1/16th”) for this snare. If you intend to catch larger animals I recommend using thicker cable. This snare is intended for survival situations to catch small game to keep you alive and wanted it to be light and compact for you to put in your backpack.

Trapping is strictly regulated in all states and snares are illegal in many states.
Know your local laws before using traps outside of an emergency situation.
Map and mark any trap that you set up and immediately take it down when not needed.
Check your traps often to eliminate any unnecessary suffering or waste.
Traps are not toys and they do not discriminate. As soon as you set up a trap, you take the risk of injuring or killing domestic animals, endangered species, or even children or adult humans. Only use traps when they are needed.

Colorado Mountain Man Survival LLC is not responsible for use or misuse of any traps or snares that you assemble as a result of this video. The video is for educational purposes only and intended to educate the viewer in case of a survival situation.

This is my first video. I know it has some timing issues but I hope you found it informative and enjoyed watching.

Check out the following video to learn how to use the penny on the penny snare.

Thanks for watching!

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