canning chicken leg quarters

canning chicken leg quarters

today I canned a 10 lb bag of chicken leg quarters. This coming week I plan on doing something a little different with the other chicken leg quarters. I’ll be running the cam. God bless and thank you for watching. Check out the links below.

60 servings freeze dried foods Large bucket
30 day supply freeze dried for 1 person
6 day emergency food supply (I would keep in the car)
Mountain House emergency bucket
for around $40 bucks you can get these emergency samples
Mountain House chicken teriyaki with rice 6- pack meals $45.
check out these things, varying price ranges

Link to the dehydrator
for the vacuum sealer
for vacuum sealer accessories
oxygen absorbers

Pressure canners

Canning accessories
(these are canned jar protectors)

for help with a fire starter
****first aid items*******
(first aid book)
U.S Military compass

** this is a field emergency kit
Emergency Survival Trauma Kit with Tourniquet 36″ Splint, Military Combat Tactical IFAK for First Aid Response, Critical Wounds, Gun Shots, Blow Out, Severe Bleeding Control and More
and it’s reasonably priced.
** another emergency field emergency kit same as above only a few bucks cheaper. Great to have on hand.
** Stainless steel Surgical kits, for both human & Vet
There’s so much more, once you click on one of these links, you can browse all of the items you think you may need. It’s awesome, God bless and happy prepping guys. Love peace joy and hope.

List of just a few good info books to read before things happen
(I like this book)
*** I strongly recommend this book

Seeds (I also use these seeds)
(Great deals)
(awesome deals)

Other items of use Hydroponics
(hydroponic cups
(hydroponic starters)

to help with building projects on our Homestead

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