Camillus First Aid and 3 Day Survival Kit Review by www survivalebooks com

Camillus First Aid and 3 Day Survival Kit Review by www survivalebooks com

Here’s a review of the Camillus 3 Day Survival Kit. You can download 500 free survival ebooks and military manuals from;

Items included in the kit.

6 4oz. Packets of purified drinking water
6 fortified food bars (2400 calorie)
2 hand washers
1 flashlight
2 flashlight batteries
1 light stick
1 whistle
1 survival blanket
1 rain poncho

First Aid

15 1″x3″ plastic bandage strips
6 BZK Antiseptic Wipes
4 2″x2″ gauze pads
4 triple antibiotic ointment packets
2 alcohol wipes
2 first aid burn cream packets
2 sting relief wipes
1 eye pad with strips
1 knuckle bandage
1 fingertip bandage
1 extra large bandage
1 waterproof bandage
1 butterfly wound closure
1 first aid tape roll
1 metal tweezers
1 scalpel blade
1 first aid guide


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2 antacid tablets
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