Bushcraft Shelter Build – Episode 10 – That's a Wrap! (Series Finale)

Bushcraft Shelter Build – Episode 10 – That's a Wrap! (Series Finale)

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Series Finale. That’s a Wrap!

A very sincere THANK YOU to everyone that has watched any of the videos in this series. I hope you found it interesting and entertaining.

It’s hard to believe that it has been ten episodes already and I think 10 is a good number to bring it to a close. This was my first true build in the wild and I consider it to be a success. I look forward to camping at Camp Coyote again and doing ongoing improvements to the camp. I want to do some different types of bushcraft shelter builds in the near future. I kinda went a little big with this build and I’m thinking smaller and simpler is my next direction.

Again, thanks for watching BURNWOOD BUSHCRAFT!


Take care and remember, BE SAFE OUT THERE!.

Special thanks to Steven Bodhi Ford (HIKE’N DEEP) for giving me the idea to wrap the tripods with tarps. Check out his channel:

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