Bug-out Chest Rig Tier II SORD Survival Vest Australian

Bug-out Chest Rig Tier II SORD Survival Vest Australian

This is my Tier II Bug-out Rig it is a SORD Chest Rig with a triple mag pouch, 2 x large pouches, a Maxpedition Rollypoly MM Folding Dump Pouch, an Uncle Mikes radio pouch, a Torch Pouch and the Gerber Multi-tool ACU Pouch.
Hatch SOG-HK300 Operator HK Gloves
Sawyer MINI Water Filter SP128
SOL Emergency Bivvy
IPOOD Mini Shovel
Fire Kit –
Baby Wipes x 5
Micro Grappling Hook by Maratac with paracord & Nite-Ize Figure 9 x 2
Paracord 25′ ft
3.3oz/100ml Water Bottle
Millbank Bag
10 meters of Hootchie Cord OD
Coleman Cloth
Baofeng UV-5R Two-way Radio with Mic
Ranger Pace Counter Beads
US Jet-scream Whistle
Nite-Ize S-Biner
CRKT MK16-10KZ Tanto Folding Knife
Australian Flag MultiCam Subdued
OMEGA Carabiner
Gerber MP600 Military Issue Multi-tool
SUREFIRE Z2 Combat Light 80 Lumen’s with Red-filter
EPIRB GPS Emergency Beacon(Obsolete) replaced with a SPOT GPS Messenger
EMT Shears
IR Light Stick
ACR MS2000 IR Strobe
Ultimate Survival Blast Match Ferro-rod
Buck Knives Diamondback Fixed-Blade Straight-Edge 420HC
Camo Face Paint Auscam with mirror
Earpiece for Baofeng UV-5R
Pencil with 5 meters of Florescent Marking Tape
Pill Bottle with Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Burn Gel & Assorted meds
Swiss-tech 9in1 Multi-tool
Leatherman Micra
Sail/Cloth Needle with Heavy-duty Thread
AAA Batteries Alkaline x 3
AA Batteries Lithium x 4
CR123 Batteries x 2 in Waterproof Match Container
Wound Pad No. 13
Fenix E15 Torch
Princeton Tec FRED Head-torch
Insect Repellent 34.6% DEET
Mini First-aid Kit in a Band-aid Tin with assorted band-aids etc
MSR Tent Stakes Anodized Aluminum x 2
Silva 40 Watch Compass 18mm Luminous
Sports Medical Tape 2m
Cloth Tape/100 MPH Tape 2m
Signal Mirror Stainless Steel Military Version
Toothbrush with toothpaste
SAS Survival Guide Collins Gem John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman
Rite In The Rain All-weather Memo Book
Bressner 7×18 Monocular
OD Triangular Bandage
Israeli Trauma Bandage 4″ inch
Map Case A5 Waterproof ACU with AO Map
Map Compass Tritium
Torch with laser
Pen & Pencil
Map Roamer Card with Map Grids


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