BIG 6 Introduces the VAST6 Tornado Safety

BIG 6 Introduces the VAST6 Tornado Safety

BIG 6 Introduces the VAST6!
The VAST6 is a cutting edge design that keeps everyone safe during active shooter events and tornados. This is “security through physical design”, ultimate security protection for students and teachers.

The VAST6 is an innovative collapsible active shooter protection, available for entry in less than 20 seconds and meets FEMA 453 active shooter ballistic requirements and certified F-5 Tornado protection from FEMA P-361 specifications.

When the VAST6 is folded way, it is only 28” thick and takes up limited floor space. The VAST6 unit itself can be scaled to fit just about any class size to make sure there is room for everyone to feel safe and secure.

The ballistic panels meet FEMA Manual 453, National Institute of Justice Level III, and UL 752, Level 8 requirements.

What does that mean? The VAST6 design addresses the FEMA P-361 requirements to withstand the 250-mph winds and debris from a F-5 tornado. The primary and front anchoring for the VAST6 will withstand the 250-mph wind force.. The debris testing standard is a 15 lb. 2×4 board traveling horizontally at 100 mph and VAST6 (all sides doors and roof) can withstand these missile impacts. The VAST6 can also withstand 500 tons of overhead debris on its roof, due to the vertical structural support the ballistic material provides. An optional emergency egress (escape hatch that opens either out or in) is available in the event debris blocks the outward opening of the main VAST6 door.