Beyond Despair – Part 3 | DEATH COMES IN TINY DUST TORNADOES | Chawesy Co-op | Game | Gameplay

Beyond Despair – Part 3 | DEATH COMES IN TINY DUST TORNADOES | Chawesy Co-op | Game | Gameplay

Beyond Despair has magic portals, madmen, and dust tornadoes.
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►About The Beyond Despair Game◄:

Beyond Despair is a multiplayer survival horror game with an emphasis on immersive gameplay and visceral player interaction.

The game is set in a world ravaged by recent catastrophic events, which have morphed it into a place of non-stop aggression, as danger lurks around every corner. In this newly forged “society”, firearms are rare, leading to an abundance of melee combat against both monsters and other survivors. But simply surviving any given encounter isn’t enough. You’ll have to be sharp and make tough decisions to make it in the long term.

Play the role of a volunteer from the New Light Corp., sent on a special investigative mission to Ansora Island, a place filled with threats of every shape and size, from monsters to supernatural anomalies, and even seemingly impossible weather patterns. Though don’t forget about the other players you might encounter, as you’ll quickly learn that they may not be as friendly as you might hope. Human nature is a curious thing.

Upon entering the game, you’ll find yourself upon the southern shore of Ansora, the starting point for your lengthy mission through the present to uncover the past.

Explore a Ravaged World of Beyond Despair :

Ansora is no vacation destination. Within its borders you’ll find terror, death, and suffering, but you’ll also find a story hidden underneath, a story we’ve done our best to tell in an interesting manner through a variety of features.

Beyond Despair Unique Locations:
Abandoned settlements, military installations, factories with questionable intent, top secret facilities, and more. Don’t shy away from these places, for whether you’re driven by the mission laid out for you or just natural curiosity, you’ll find new information everywhere you look.

Craft Weapons & Supplies in Beyond Despair :
While you can find useful items to simply pick up and use, you’ll also come across numerous recipes and components, which you can use to craft modified weapons, prepare sustenance, and concoct medical supplies.

Develop Your Beyond Despair Character:
Those who set out to explore Ansora tend to find out a lot about themselves as well. Unlock new abilities and train them to increase your chances of holding your own throughout your journey.

Uncover the Island’s Mysteries in Beyond Despair :
While you’ll have plenty of freedom to explore as you please, don’t forget about the primary storyline. Find notes and diaries left over from Ansora’s previous inhabitants, and piece together the island’s dark past.

Hunt & Defend
As you search Ansora for information, keep track of the many creatures that inhabit the island, noting for yourself which of them can actually be of use and which are best avoided if it can be helped. In this endeavor too you’ll find useful tips from the island’s previous denizens strewn about as seemingly insignificant notes.


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