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Beyond 2012 Survival & Trauma TWO Person Escape Kit.mpg

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You may be among those who believe some cataclysm awaits us in the not-so-distant future, based on prophecy, religion, or other sources. You may be among those who think all of that is just a bunch of bull. One thing we know is for certain: calamities and disasters, whether environmental or societal, can and do happen with traumatic results for the victims. Unstable regimes and economies, warfare, civil strife, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. These are nothing new and happen no matter what we believe.

Your best bet in these scenarios is to be prepared, and be ready to leave in an instant if that proves to be the best way to safety. The hazards in these scenarios present similar needs: shelter, water, food, heat, signaling, and first aid. Other events need additional protections, such as radiological (nuclear) events and airborne viruses. And, consideration about maintaining a low profile, versus a high profile, depending on the civil conditions at the time may be necessary.

This is where the Beyond 2012 Survival, Trauma, & Disaster Two Person Escape Kit comes in to play. Addressing all of the core needs of typical survival scenarios, but adding additional protections for radiological events and airborne viruses for two people. All the while enabling you to maintain a lower profile if needed, but able to signal for aid readily. Small enough to take anywhere, and just under 3 pounds. On a long enough timeline, all of these events may occur in your region. The question is only: when? Make sure you are ready if that day is sooner rather than later.


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