Best Survival Gear to keep on your belt | Part 5 | Tactical Rifleman

Best Survival Gear to keep on your belt | Part 5 | Tactical Rifleman

There are many elements to surviving in potentially deadly or hazardous situations. For this video we worked with Randy “Rawhide” Wurst, from Wurst Case scenario survival school. Randy is one of four guys who wrote the classified survival manual for SOCOM.

Part 5 covers your belt. On your personal belt you will need a small blade working knife and a tool like the Leatherman. You should find a small pouch like a Swiss Army Knife belt pouch and put inside of it some basic survival equipment you may need.
If you use a Pistol belt: A leather or synthetic belt material is your choice. A larger more detailed and equipped survival pouch is next. A large knife, 9 inches to 14 inches long. Next, should be a pistol of your choice, I choose a Ruger single action 10 22 caliber revolver. Water containers or canteens can be put on the belt, energy food bars, and honey too.

In all of these videos one of the important concepts I want to convey is layering of your survival gear. I will break it down to the layers according to “Randy’s world.” A short explanation is needed here. Primitive skills are great and one needs to know them and get proficient with those skill sets; but just having said that, we live in the 21st century, and if you can’t see the value of 21st tool/ equipment you should be using, you should be eliminated from the gene pool. “Just Saying”.

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