Avoiding Teacher Burnout – Teacher Survival Tips

Avoiding Teacher Burnout – Teacher Survival Tips

Teacher burnout is on the rise. We are losing teachers left and right due to the rigor of teaching today. We lose more teachers due to teacher burnout in the first three to five years of their teaching career. There are several things each of us can do so that we avoid teacher burnout, even if we have been at this job for many years.

This YouTube video will give all teachers simple tips on how to avoid teacher burnout.

Set Hours and Stick to Them. Set your hours and stick to them. We have our contracted hours that are anywhere from 7:30 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon. Set a time to leave and if you feel more comfortable adding in a half an hour at the end of the day then do it. But no more than that. Let’s face it, if we don’t set hours, we will be at the school 24/7. There is always more to do, but remember that there is always tomorrow. If you don’t do this, you will experience teacher burnout very quickly. Especially in your first year.

One other tip is to find that one mom that is so wonderful that will become your classroom mom and helper. Get to know your moms and dads and find someone that is willing to help you with your bulletin boards, cutting out items for art projects, and even make your copies for you. They are out there, and they are truly a life-saver.

Avoid Teacher Burnout by Planning Days Off. One of my greatest teacher mentors advised me to set days off at the beginning of each quarter. She would always take at least 2 mental days off each quarter. Think about days that you need to take for doctors appointments and whatnot, but also consider taking 2 mental days off per quarter. You have earned them.

Also – use your breaks wisely. Don’t overload each break with vacations and more work. Truly take the time to rest – again you deserve it.

Avoid Teacher Burnout by Letting it all Go. When you walk out that door each day – leave it at the school. I know there is a lot we take upon ourselves as teachers, but if you don’t let it go, you will completely burn yourself out and fast. Find hobbies that you like to do, read a book, take walks just to take a walk, go to the gym if that is your thing, and even binge watch your favorite TV series.

I love to watch do it yourself series, such as Fixer Upper and so I am always looking for home improvement projects. This past Spring, my husband and I renovated our kitchen and I love the way it turned out. I also just refinished my fire pit by covering the top in a mosaic design.

Avoiding Teacher Burnout – The point here is to make sure that you take time for yourself. Do something you love or just veg in front of the TV.

Meditation – Another great way to relax is through meditating. I have a couple of great meditation apps that I have downloaded to help me relax at night and just unwind.

Using these simple tips explained here will truly help you to not burnout as a teacher.
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