Are We Weaker Than Our Ancestors?

Are We Weaker Than Our Ancestors?

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Natural selection just isn’t as prevalent as it once was, so that got us thinking that if something immediate and drastic were to happen to Earth, could we all survive?

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FAQ About Venomous Snakes:

“The chances of dying from a venomous snakebite in the United States is nearly zero, because we have available, high-quality medical care in the U.S. Fewer than one in 37,500 people are bitten by venomous snakes in the U.S. each year (7-8,000 bites per year), and only one in 50 million people will die from snakebite (5-6 fatalities per year).”

Instability Of Televisions, Furniture, And Appliances: Estimated Injuries And Reported Fatalities, 2011 Report:

“This report contains information on instability of televisions, furniture, and appliances. An estimate of emergency department-treated instability injuries is presented. This is followed by the counts of reported fatalities. The death incidents are from 2000 through 2010, and the injury estimates are for 2006 through 2010.”

Caveman vs. Modern Human: Who Would Win Olympic Gold?:

“Olympic athletes may benefit from today’s sports drinks and high-tech training, but their gymnastics or wrestling performance probably pales in comparison to what early human ancestors could have pulled off.”

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