An Affordable Waterproof Survival Cache Container

An Affordable Waterproof Survival Cache Container

This is a simple and affordable waterproof survival container. It is not found in the camping or outdoor department though. This is a waterproof welding rod container. But its size makes it perfect for a survival cache.

I found this at Harbor Freight last time I was there on sale. It is nice sized for hiding ammunition, survival gear or a cache of food for emergency. It is all plastic so it will not break down if buried in the earth. The container has a waterproof seal around the opening which makes it a good survival cache container.

I find that for the price, under $7, it makes a good little cache container. You could stash these around as needed to provide you valuable materials in a bug out situation.

Or you could just stash ammo in them to keep it dry and protected from the elements.

This could be used to keep freeze dried foods, fire starting materials, first aid kits or anything else in your bug out bag.

The orange color makes it a perfect first aid kit. Being waterproof is a bonus because most first aid kits are vulnerable to water but are not in a waterproof container.

I would actually advise you all to put your first aid kits into a waterproof container anyway. If you are crossing a river or in a heavy rain storm your valuable first aid gear will be destroyed unless protected.

I will try this out and put it through some stress tests and get back to you one day.

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