Amazon | World's Best Urban Survival Shovel 20-in-1 Iunio Survival

Amazon | World's Best Urban Survival Shovel 20-in-1 Iunio Survival

The Survival Shovel by Iunio is a 20 Function Urban Survival Tool Its Cool, Heavy Duty and Made for Hard Use!

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Iunio 20-in-1 Survival Shovel:
Iunio 10-in-1 Survival Shovel:
Iunio Compact Folding Shovel:

LeatherMan SideKick:
Gerber CenterDrive:
Survival Axe Elite:
Silky Big Boy 2000:
Schrade SCAXE2:
Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel:
Gerber Strong-Arm Grey:
Gerber Strong-Arm Black:
Gerber Strong-Arm Coyote:
4DB Ferro Rold Elite:
4DB Extreme Weather FireStarter:
4DB HighSpeed Steel Strikers:
Cammenga Military Compass:
Thrunite 2C Neutron:
Pocket ChainSaw:

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Rugged Powerbank Battery:
WorkSharp Field Sharpener:
Kabar Jarosz Choppa:
RooPax Hammock:
Atactical A1S Flashlight 1150 Lumens:
Waterproof Socks:
Goal Zero Micro Lantern:
Goal Zero Micro Flash Lantern:
Cold Steel Spear Short:
Cold Steel Boar Spear:
35yd Roll Gorilla Tape:
Family 4PK Walkie Talkies:
Portable NOAA Radio:
10PK CHEM Lights:
Epic Wipes: 10pk
Wysi Wipe 100 Pack:
Compressed Towels 500 Pack:
EZ Towels 50 Pack:
EZ Towels 100 Pack:
EZ Towels 200 Pack:
EZ Towels 600 Pack:
Sh!T Kit 20 Pack:
Potty Pack 20 Pack:
Coleman Camp Soap 50 sheet Pack:
Survival Med FIRST AID Kits:

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My Professional Tripod:
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Iographer Video Kit IPhone 6/6S:
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Viltrox L116T LED Light:
KingJoy Video Slider:
Joby Gorilla Pod:
Joby Tight Pro Phone Mounts:
ZHIYUN Smooth Q Gimbal:
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Lanparte HHG-01 Extra Battery:

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