A New, Cold Day (Surviving in the Woods during Winter)

A New, Cold Day (Surviving in the Woods during Winter)

In this video, I just decided to turn the camera on one morning and say whatever came to mind, so I mostly ramble about how cold it is.

I also talk about some aspects of campfire and some benefits of it. For example, I mention how the smoke from the fire has the benefit of being antibacterial and can “sterilize” things like your hands, and I show how my hands are all stained from holding them near the fire for days while trying to keep warm in this cold winter environment.

All I want to do is “chill” by the fire when it’s cold like this. Big logs are the best firewood; small sticks and even medium-size sticks burn up too quickly. You need big logs to easily keep the fire burning hot for hours. The campfire is heavenly, with its warmth.

I don’t like covering my ears when in the wilderness, like with a beanie, hat, or hoodie, because I want to be able to hear well, for animals approaching or just any activity happening in the woods. Also, it’s just more pleasant to not have the ears covered and be able to hear crisp, clear sound, or no sound. Caps sort of muffle the sound.

It was amazingly quiet out there, with literally with no sound whatsoever at times. It’s almost impossible to go somewhere in the city with absolutely no sound, there is always an air conditioner or something running in the background.

It’s so cold that I almost want the fire to burn me.

I talk about how the cold weather can weaken your immune system, and so making some tea out of pine needles can add Vitamin C to your diet which can boost your immune system. Plus, it’s delicious. I also eat some frozen Witch’s Butter, a nice wild edible fungus. It doesn’t have much flavor but it has a nice jelly like texture.

I was camping in the Appalachian Mountains during December. I had built a bomber tipi out of two camo tarps, some 550 paracord, and tree saplings. I had a fire inside in the middle of it, and hung around the fire a lot because it was quite cold during this time, well below freezing at night.

It was fun though, camping in the woods, I rather enjoy it, even with it’s inconveniences and hardships. Whether I am “wilderness surviving” or just “camping” is a question of perspective, I suppose. I like to take supplies and food with me into the wilderness to make my time easier and more enjoyable.


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