5 PvP Tips for Rust & Survival Games

5 PvP Tips for Rust & Survival Games

A bunch of very general PvP tips for Rust and pretty much any survival game πŸ˜€


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1. Mentality
Stay positive, if you are getting negative or salty – stop playing or take a break, you’ll just make bad decisions and lose more gear than you need to
Not being afraid
Stay confident
Staying calm
Not caring about dying or losing gear
No distractions
No other people being negative or talking too much, affecting your mentality
Let nothing affect your mentality
Block or mute people that are distracting you

2. Get friends, join a clan, get more people on your side, the more allies you have the higher chance you have of winning the fight.
A lot of survival games make surviving on your own much tougher
Talking to people in game is an easy way to get friends, yes you will probably just get killed most of the time but every so often you run into someone who is actually friendly – make sure to add anyone on Steam that is nice to you or seems to be a nice person
Join anyone that wants you on there team, connections are always good to have, even if you don’t like them they can come in handy or can lead to meeting players that you actually do like

3. Player movement
Try to use environment for each encounter, when in gun fights, taking quick shots and then going back to cover gives you a big advantage
Always be on the move and attack from other angles, you want to be somewhere the opponent is not expecting if possible
Using stealth can often give you the upper hand, crouching is silent in Rust and can also let you hear the other people moving
Most of these games in 1v1 combat where people are shooting at the same time is 80% luck so you have to be somewhere where the other person is not expecting – element of surprise

4. Be smart/Know your game/
Figure out if you will lose or have a chance
Learn the recoil of your guns and how to control them
Make sure you have all the medical options you need, know when you should prioritize healing up or killing
Have enough armor, ammo, meds etc. if you know your game you will know what supplies you need

5. Make sure you are running the game at a constant framerate at about ~45 FPS at all times, ideally 60 FPS at all times. If not, buy a better PC or configure your in game settings/adjust windows settings as sometimes there are external conflicts on your system

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