4 Tips to Survive Season 17 | Overwatch

4 Tips to Survive Season 17 | Overwatch

4 Tips to Survive Season 17 | Overwatch

It’s been a while since my last Tips & Tricks video, but now we are back with some Overwatch Ranked Tips 2019! Today is all about remembering the basics. More than elevating your game, we try to survive the ladder and stay sane, so we don’t have to cut the grind short.

While the Overwatch Season 17 Meta is looking to be reasonably diverse outside of GM and Top 500, a lot of us are always looking to find out how to get better at Overwatch, disregarding the meta.

In this Overwatch Survival Guide, we won’t be covering the best heroes for Season 17 more than trying to get through our Overwatch Placements without tilting off the planet.

Overwatch Comp in 2019 is very different than the launch game, featuring a lot of problems like Smurfing, which most Ranked Guides don’t really try to prepare you for.

Anyway, today we’re gonna be talking about how to survive Season 17 of Competitive Play in Overwatch. Hopefully this helps you in your goal of Ranking up in Overwatch!

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