30 Days Until Prepped Part 2 Skill Development BOB WROL SHTF INCH Bug in

30 Days Until Prepped Part 2 Skill Development BOB WROL SHTF INCH Bug in

This is part to to the 30 Days Until Prepped Series. For the very experienced prepper, this will be redundant or considered a review.

This series is designed to assist those with little to no skills or gear in developing the apprpriate skill sets and abilities to help survive bugging out in the wild. These skills also assist those attempting survival in almost any type of surivval situation.
This is aimed at the BEGINNER and not the experienced prepper. This would be a review for someone who already has a solid skill set and gear setup.
So for those who are already faamiliar with this subject, this will simply be redundant information.
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