1st Aid Penetrating Trauma Kit

1st Aid Penetrating Trauma Kit

1st Aid Penetrating Trauma Kit, light weight, compact size, easy to carry on duty belt, in your pack, range bag, or keep in your rig. Contents allow you to treat yourself or others in an effort to stop or slow blood loss in the event of a penetrating trauma wound such as a gunshot wound or stab wound. This is not a full trauma bag; it’s a “1st Aid” trauma kit that gives you the start of treating penetrating trauma wounds that might be life threatening if immediate action is not taken to stop or slow blood loss. Please take a course in 1st Aid, CPR and AED to learn how to treat for shock and traumatic injuries. Any American Heart or Red Cross course will due. If you are LE, Mil, or an avid shooter please consider carrying a kit like this with you.

4- Medical Exam Gloves (at least two sets)

1- 25 gram Quickclot Sponge or Combat Gauze

1-50 gram Qickclot Sponge or Combat Gauze

2- 5×9 Surgical/Trauma Dressings

1-Medical Tape/Wrap, Gauze Tape/Wrap, Ace Wrap, Duct Tape etc.

1- Tourniquet

1- MyClyns Spray
1 Plastic Sandwich Baggie to seal sucking chest wound and for amputated appendages

1-Sharpy Pen
1-Writing Pen
S.E.A.R. Training, S.E.A.R. Community Safety Training