Give your brain a smooth workout with these tricky riddles with answers! I bet you will spend lots of time trying to solve all the brain quizzes 🙂 If you can do it pretty fast, then, congratulations, your logical skills are impressive! But if you can’t concentrate and feel exhausted all the time try to solve easy riddles at least for 20 minutes a day and after a few weeks, you will notice changes in your critical thinking and logic!

00:14 – What would you choose to do if you were trapped in this kingdom? A mystery riddle and a logic puzzle to test your brain and ability to think fast and right in danger. This cool riddle will also test your attention and whether your brain is on autopilot mode (if it is you won’t be able to crack this easy riddle).
01:44 – If you knew at least half of these facts before watching this trivia, I would say you’re one of the smartest people in the world😉Here is a set of interesting facts you won’t find it in Wikipedia! It’s a nice warm-up to stretch your brain and give your day a good start!
03:52 – A difficult visual puzzle to test if you can become a Man in Black or an FBI agent! Boost your brain and observation skills with this set of fun visual tests and find all the aliens!
05:19 – This is a hard-mode brain teaser with an answer that will boost your brain power like nothing else! If you can crack this riddle before the time is over, then you’re a true genius and survivor😜 So focus your mind and try to come up with a solution on time!
06:33 – This is one of the riddles on crime that will give you a full brain workout for today! You will have to rack your brain really hard to figure out the answer🕵 Well, Detective, let’s see if this slippery one can outsmart you!
07:44 – A tricky country quiz with three levels from an easy to a hard one! Only a brilliant and quick-thinking solver will be able to cope with all three levels, so don’t get upset if you can’t. Exercise your brain with this cool quiz with answers and share the result with your friends!
10:42 – Do you believe you would survive if you met these animals on a walk? Let’s check if it’s so😉 These trivia questions with answers will challenge your survival skills and exercise your brain like nothing else before! It’s not just a brain workout, but a useful guideline for everyone who goes camping or hiking.
12:57 – A difficult quiz question! Who do you think will die? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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