Here is a portion of 13 riddles for adults with easy answers! It’s a good chance to test your logical skills and general knowledge 😉 If you want to exercise your brain and keep it fit, then don’t wait and try these brain games out! I’m sure that with these puzzles you’ll wake up your brain and improve your intelligence.

00:14 – The Joneses were on vacation. But one day someone kidnapped their son Harry! Turn on your logical and detective skills and find who kidnapped Harry!
00:58 – The children were playing in the garden at Easter. They were looking for hidden eggs and playing with a white rabbit. But suddenly the rabbit disappeared! What happened?
02:11 – A tricky mind-blowing puzzle that will test your logic and attentiveness! Who is lying?
03:19 – Where is Katy hiding? Test your vision and attentiveness to the details to solve this visual brain teaser!
04:23 – A difficult detective riddle that will be easily solved by the smartest and the most attentive #RiddleSolvers! Boost your analytical skills and logic with this crime brain teaser.
06:56 – Who kidnapped Cupid? Turn on your logic, Detective, and try to solve this tricky criminal case!
08:46 – Who is the kidnapper? A bunch of visual puzzles that will test your logical skills and intelligence!
09:53 – A creepy blood-freezing case for those who have a cold mind! You’ll easily solve this puzzle if you turn on your logic and attentiveness!
11:05 – Here is a survival riddle for #RiddleSolvers who love difficult choices! You need to choose one door to stay alive, which one would you pick?
12:50 – A logic puzzle with an answer that will blow your mind! Can you crack the code and get the right answer before the time is up?
14:05 – Who is lying? Is she a kidnapper? A short tricky riddle to test your logical thinking!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking 😉

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