Boost your IQ with a cool set of 10 riddles on escape! These tricky brain teasers and popular riddles will challenge your mind and test your intelligence. You are going to spend nights trying to find the right answer 😉 So, don’t wait anymore and start solving these fun riddles!

00:14 – Here is a survival riddle that will test your logic and critical thinking! You are locked up in the room. There are 3 doors, but touching the doorknobs is unsafe. Which doorknob would you turn and why?
01:04 – A difficult logic riddle only for people with IQ 150! If you can find the solution to the riddle, you’re really a genius. A hint for those who feel it difficult to find the way out: use what you have in your hands! How quickly did you solve this riddle?
02:30 – A hard personality test that will reveal who you really are! I mean if you’re a purely materialistic thing or still have some conscience😁 So, take your choice and tell me what you would do (maybe I’m not the only one who would kill the granny?)!
03:58 – A tricky riddle on escape that will exercise your brain and make you think hard! Think over this task carefully turning it around all the ways; maybe you will be lucky enough to survive😜
05:14 – A difficult riddle with answer on escape to wow your brain and make you sweat hard! Only a genius can crack this puzzle and find the way out for all three prisoners. Let’s see how smart you are!
06:44 – A survival riddle only a really smart person can solve! You have only one chance to escape, so don’t miss it. Feel free to use any items you can find in this room to help yourself. Which door would you choose? Are you sure about your choice?
08:38 – An interesting tricky riddle to improve your logical skills! The answer will surprise you 🙂 Did you get it right or maybe came up with another cool idea how to escape? Share in the comments 🙂
09:38 – Challenge your brain power with this mysterious riddle on escape. You will have to remember everything you know about dark creatures (just ‘Twilight’ won’t be enough) to escape this haunted castle. But if you don’t panic and use 100% of your brain power, you will surely survive! I think so…yeah…
10:58 – This logic riddle on escape will trick your mind and make you think hard to find the right solution. Think carefully and analyze every single opportunity; the answer is really obvious! If you fail to crack this riddle, it means you’re just too tired to concentrate right now. Try it again in a while or just check the answer😜
12:08 – Which one is safe?! You have 3 ways… what would you choose? Share your thoughts in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz!

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