10 Edible Plants Southwest USA – Cactus – Survival Foods Apocalypse Tips Series

10 Edible Plants Southwest USA – Cactus – Survival Foods Apocalypse Tips Series

This is part of the Apocalypse Tips Series. It focuses on 10 excellent Edible plants & cactus in the Southwestern regions of the United States.
The purpose of this video is to help those who may find themselves in this type of situation, to have the skills and tools necessary.

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The Topics to be discussed in the upcoming videos are:

Ambush & Counter Ambush
Basic Combat
Sniper & counter Sniper Techniques & Tactics
Advanced Combat Techniques & Tactics
Watches & Posts
Communications & Electronics
Rebuilding Electronic Devices & Similar
Transportation – Various Methods
Electricity & Power – How to
Primary lines of defense
Secondary lines of defense
Egress & Evac Routes
Food & Water Aspects
Hand Held Weapons Combat
Self Defense, featuring videos on hand to hand, close quarters, mid
Range and long range combat.
Weapons & Ammo Reloading options
Physical & Mental Challenges
Training before the event.
and Many Other Subjects.
The goal is to have a library of tactics in this series, once it is complete.
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Thanks for watching. Take what you can and leave the rest.
Thanks, Serious Survivor.

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