🦄 Winter Fort HOW TO BUILD The Island PVE | Ark Survival [NO MODS]

🦄 Winter Fort HOW TO BUILD The Island PVE | Ark Survival [NO MODS]

Yet another Sunday base building video!

edit: re-upload – sound working now 😀

I am super excited about this one! I need to make more bases in the snow biome! I really love how this one turned out and as I said in the video – this is really 3 parts that mostly could be seperate from eachother. The base walls could def just be built around whatever base, then there is the village and then the fort. I love the look with all the chimneys in the village, and I am happy to say that I finally gave you a medium sized base for your ark game! I added a giga into the pen so that you guys can really see that compared to most of my bases there is actually plenty of room for big tames in this one :)!

I really hope you enjoyed this video, I will be making more snow biome bases as I really enjoyed building this one and I love the look of the snow biome!

Coordinates: 16.1, 20.8

I hope you like this weeks ark how to build and Thank you so much for watching ♥


About the channel:
i post builds that I made in Ark survival evlolved here on my Channel! This channel started with me wanting to create a gallery of all my builds. It was around the time of the official release of the game – when the devs were taking down a bunch of the legacy servers. I kind of felt that i had lost so many bases and wanted to start saving them somewhere in other form than just images.

I am still very new at this youtube thing but I am really really enjoing it and I really enjoy this little community that has evolved around this channel. I post Ark base tour videos and Ark how to build videos of the builds I created in game and I am trying to post as often as I can but I dont want the posting schedule to interfere with the quality of the builds.

My posting schedule: 1 time a week and videos come out every sunday