😱 12 Insane Trivia Riddles And GK Questions With Answers 😱

😱 12 Insane Trivia Riddles And GK Questions With Answers 😱

Improve your brain power with a set of 12 insane trivia riddles and GK questions with answers! Solving riddles on a daily basis is the fastest way to improve your logic, intelligence, and critical thinking. You don’t have to solve them for hours! Solving puzzles for 20 minutes a day is enough 🙂 So, don’t be shy and try these fun riddles out!

00:14 – A mind-blowing puzzle to test your logic and survival skills! How can they escape?
01:42 – Which door is safe? What a difficult choice! Think twice before you give an answer 😉
03:19 – Awesome trivia questions are finally answered in the best possible way! Any adult must know this information to be considered a person with a decent amount of knowledge!
06:16 – How to survive under the avalanche? A logic brain teaser to test your IQ and increase your knowledge!
08:01 – A fun trivia to enlarge your general knowledge! You can always share it with your friends 😉
09:05 – Tom went for a walk and got lost in the woods. He got very scared when realized that he had no idea how to get back home! Help him escape! Boost your logic and survival skills!
10:42 – Text riddles that will test your logic. These quiz questions are easy, but 95% fail to crack them as these tricky riddles for kids require your brain to operate outside the box!
13:02 – Who will escape? A short tricky puzzle to boost your critical thinking!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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