आप कैसे किसी परमाणु धमाके से बच सकते हैं? | How to SURVIVE a Nuclear Attack or Nuclear Blast

आप कैसे किसी परमाणु धमाके से बच सकते हैं? | How to SURVIVE a Nuclear Attack or Nuclear Blast

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Is it possible to survive the nuclear attack waise to humne dekha hai ki japan mein jab nuclear bomb giraya gaya tha tab 2 lakh se bhi zyada log mare the.
Aur agar is waqt ke nuclear weapon dekhe jaye to ye nagasaki aur hiroshima par giraye gaye nuclear bomb se 40 guna zyada nuksan pohocha sakte hai kya hum isko survive kar bhi sakte hai?

In this video, I talk about how to survive a nuclear attack! These tips can help save your life if you ever find yourself in this situation. Survival tactics are very important for ensuring your safety in cases of a nuclear blast.

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